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Welcome to the Project Proposal Wiki. This page will give a basic picture of how to get involved. Visit OneWebDay in a box to really get rolling with something.

2008 Events - Physical Spaces

These are all of the physical locations where events are taking place. If there's already something in your area, visit that page and get involved. Want to host a OneWebDay celebration? Add your city to the list!

2008 Events - Virtual Spaces

This is a list of all the online communities and virtual spaces where we'll be promoting OneWebDay and hosting events. If you're representing an organization or group that is located primarily online, or is global in nature, add your initiative to this list.

How to Stay Up to Date

How to Join the Steering Committee

We're based out of NYC, but we know how to collaborate globally. Use these mailing lists or sites to help out with one of our working groups:

How to Use This Wiki

This wiki is the online space where OneWebDay participants from around the world collaborate to make OneWebDay a success.

We've tried to make this wiki quite simple to use, but it takes a bit of learning. You'll need to create an account, and then edit pages using special wiki markup language. If you're not familiar with Mediawiki (it's the same software as Wikipedia), then check out the help page.

To get started, either with an event or an individual action, visit the OneWebDay in a box page.

Some useful pages on this wiki:

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